Episode 1: A New Beginning with Money

Jul 24, 2018

In this episode, Britta does a live coaching call with Elisabeth, to help her create a  new beginning with money and a healthier relationship to it.  Elisabeth has been on a growth trajectory for many years and has come a long way in her leadership, but still finds it hard to apply this leadership the area of her finances. Listen while Britta explores the topic with her, and follow along on the visualizations and processes they go through to see what new possibilities can open up for you, as well.

In this episode

  • Britta helps bring Elisabeth into a state of mental calmness, to be open to receiving support and insight.
  • Elisabeth explores and verbalizes her relationship to money, and the pervasive belief that she does not have enough.
  • She learns to face her anxiety and painful emotions surrounding this issue, and offer herself grace and compassion for these difficult feelings.
  • She identifies how and when these perceptions of money were formed.  She is able to rescue and educate her inner child, and accept that the past is done and she is a new person.
  • Elisabeth is challenged to find her own, new and healthy relationship with money.

What is my relationship with money?
Do I want or need a new beginning?