Episode 03: Unmasking Generational Trauma with Gina Birkemeier

May 2, 2024

In today’s episode, Britta talks with Gina Birkemeier, licensed counselor, award-winning author, and speaker. The topic? Generational Trauma & Generational Healing! Listen as Gina shares her journey through the five Initiations in Love stages, and how she unmasked inherited dysfunction, and became a pattern breaker in her family. Learn how she found healing and peace, and turned her pain into her greatest gift. Discover how breaking cycles of generational trauma can be a useful tool for YOU!

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About the Guest

Gina Birkemeier is a licensed professional counselor, award-winning author, and speaker. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and theology and has advanced training in trauma and evidence-based therapies to help people heal. Fueled by a passion derived from being a survivor of generational dysfunction and trauma, Gina has walked with the hurting to help them find hope and healing for nearly two decades. Her teaching and writing are rooted in a combination of faith (defined as a healthy relationship with God) and the sciences of psychology, biology, and epigenetics.


Want to discover how YOUR challenges can become your greatest gifts? Then get ready! We are about to set off on an exploration into the very heart of love, itself.