Limited-attendance in-person workshops
resume in March 2021.


We aim to create safety, shared responsibility, and clarity for all participants, staff, and facilitators.

Read on to understand our stance toward reopening our upcoming workshops.

In Brief

We are halving the size of our workshops in Spring 2021, and are taking an aggressive approach to minimizing the spread of infection.

Responsibility to Minimize your Exposure:
To participate in our in-person workshops, our participants, facilitators, and staff will need to take certain precautions that will help minimize the risk of exposure and sickness prior to the workshop (e.g. Self-quarantining for 10-14 days prior to arrival at the venue).

All participants, facilitators, and staff are required to take a COVID-19 tests prior to arriving at the workshop venue, and stay at home if test is positive.

Temperature & Symptom Checks:
Temperature checks and symptom checks are required for all our participants, facilitators, and staff attending the workshop. 

By implementing the other safety precautions above, you have choice about mask-wearing in the workshop, and are responsible for your own risk. You are welcome to wear a mask anytime during the workshop.

For further questions, or to receive the full COVID-19 policy and precautions for participants please inquire here.

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