Important Information for Your Upcoming
Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Training (Module III)

Welcome! In preparation for ALFT III 2021, you will need the following logistical information.

◇ Important Dates & Times

◇ Travel Information

◇ What to Bring

◇ Logistics FAQs & Contact Information

Please read through this page in its entirety, and be prepared to provide us with information we will need in order to best take care of you.

ALFT Module 3:

DECEMBER 9 2:00pm – DECEMBER 12 2:00pm

covid-19 protocols

Please note everyone, no matter what their current vaccine status, will be required to show proof of negative Covid-19 test.
Click on the below button to review our full COVID-19 Protocols.

Dates & Times

 Please take a moment to put the following event into your Calendar:

By November 25th:

◇ Food & Accommodation Payment Due: Click here to submit your payment



Cat Canyon Ranch

6605 Cat Canyon Road
Arroyo Grande CA 93420

◇ Plan to arrive on site between 1:45pm – 2:15pm to check in.

◇ We’ll begin at 2:30pm. (Please have lunch beforehand, as the first meal we provide will be dinner).

If you need to arrive Wednesday, please note you will need to make a payment of $50 for lodging and bring your own food until Thursday evening dinner. Please click here to make payment.

◇  Problems while traveling? Call our Event Manager:
Freida – (415) 602-7585


◇ Any materials you need to present the 30 minute taster of your project

◇ Your organized Training binder with enough note paper

◇ At least 2 pens

◇ Your laptop, iPad, or whatever device you use to access online music and online note taking

◇ An item that represents the Divine to you, to be put on the altar for the duration of the weekend

◇ Loose comfortable clothes for 4 days

◇ Dress in layers, and be sure to include workout/yoga clothes (preferably no tight jeans).

◇ A large covered water bottle

◇ A leakage proof travel cup (if you like to drink hot drinks during group sessions)

◇ Bathing suit & towel for the hut tub

◇ A shawl or sweater

◇ A warm jacket and hat are recommended

◇ Warm socks/slipper

◇ A pair of good hiking/running shoes

◇ A pair of thongs, or easy slip on shoes/sandals

◇ Any supplements, or special dietary items you may need

◇ Toiletry items, make up, etc

◇ An alarm clock, watch/time keeper

◇ A flashlight with working (and spare) batteries

Food & Accommodations

◇ Please send us your food and accommodation payment, no later than November 25th.

◇ The total F&A cost for ALFT III is $595.00. Click here to submit your payment. This is an additional cost to your training fee.

◇ We provide three healthy wholesome meals a day. Please email Client Care if you have any food allergies that you have not already included in your ALFT application.

◇ All bedding and towels are provided.


We are looking forward to what will be a wonderful training.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.