The COR team has been hard at work to ensure that necessary measures are in place so that our participants, facilitators, and staff remain safe and healthy. 

We are taking precautions to minimize exposure by enacting protocols based on our evaluation of the current Covid situation.

All participants, staff, and facilitators regardless of vaccination status are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 12 hours of the start of the workshop; please plan accordingly so that the test result will be available by arrival. A home antigen test is acceptable.

Prior to arrival


All participants will be required to provide a negative test in order to attend.

Within 12 hours of arrival, please take a home antigen test.

If you are flying, please take an antigen test before getting on the plane, and another test within 12 hours of arrival.

Submit negative results (pictures) to or by text to the event manager for your workshop. (Event manager’s phone number is found on your workshop logistics page.)

No tests shall be taken at registration.

Every participant, staff, and facilitator will sign an Informed COVID Consent form which confirms your willingness to abide by these guidelines, and confirms your willingness to take the risk of attending a workshop with COR.

We ask that each person be self-responsible regarding mask-wearing. Participants will have the option to wear or remove masks for workshop sessions. If a participant would prefer to wear a mask, they have the option to be near and partnered with others who wear masks.

If someone tests positive for COVID-19 or is having symptoms, please do not come to the workshop. Please use your best judgment around covid exposure, and do not attend the workshop unless you think that is what’s best for everyone.

ongoing operations

Our catering team has received training on proper food handling, facility cleaning, and sanitization.

We have circulated COVID-19 prevention information and instructed staff who are experiencing any compromise of health to stay home as recommended by the CDC.

All participants, staff, venue staff, and facilitators will be given a temperature check every morning at the workshop or training.  Everyone will have access to alcohol-based cleaners and hand sanitizers throughout the training venue.

frequently asked questions

What are you doing at the training to ensure safety?

See COR Ongoing Operations for detailed description above.


By when do I need to take my COVID-19 test?

The test needs to be taken within 12 hours of attending. If you are flying, we ask you to take a test prior to flying and another test within 12 hours of arriving on site. No tests shall be taken on site. 

Participants and staff must submit negative results either by email to or by text to the event manager.

I just got vaccinated for COVID-19. Do I still need to test?

Yes, due to the Omicron variant which has been occasionally contracted even by fully vaccinated individuals, even if you are “fully vaccinated”, you are still required to take a test prior to the training and provide a hard copy of negative test results.

What about people that are traveling? 

We understand there is a certain level of risk of exposure when traveling. Although we do not require certain protocols outside of testing, our strong recommendation is to practice utmost caution while traveling, maintain social distance as much as possible, wear an N95 mask and bring sanitizing wipes to wipe your seat down on the airplane or anywhere else that is a high traffic area.

Can I have my own room?

Unfortunately, there is very limited availability of single rooms at the workshop place. Most participants, staff and facilitators will have shared accommodations.

Do I have to wear a mask?

We are not requiring masks, however, we do have masks available to anyone that wants one.
We encourage participants to be self-responsible and take whatever measures they need for their risk level, including mask wearing or no physical contact. 

I’m immunocompromised. Can I still attend?

At this time we do not recommend attending if you are immunocompromised.

I’ve already had COVID-19. Can I attend?

If someone tests positive for COVID-19 within three weeks of the start of the workshop, you cannot attend and you will be transferred to the next upcoming workshop or training. The CDC recommends 10 days, which is 5 days of isolation and another 5 days of wearing a mask.  We have decided to add an additional week to this for safety.

Will there be social distancing at the training?

Due to the nature of our experiential training, we can not guarantee 6 feet of social distancing throughout the training. However, we will do our best to accommodate for more spaciousness as processes allow, if any participant wants that.

What if someone shows symptoms at the training?

Anyone deemed a possible risk will be assessed and a determination made as to if they can participate in a way that continues to insure the safety of the group. Every effort will be made to keep them engaged in a safe way until it is determined they are not Covid positive.