Important Information for Your Upcoming
Advanced Leadership & Facilitation Training (Module I)

Welcome! In preparation for ALFT I 2021, you will need the following logistical information.

◇ Important Dates & Times

◇ Travel Information

◇ What to Bring

◇ Logistics FAQs & Contact Information

Please read through this page in its entirety, and be prepared to provide us with information we will need in order to best take care of you.

ALFT Module 1:

april 30 5:30pm – May 8 2:00pm

Dates & Times

 Please take a moment to put the following events into your Calendar:

Your Questionnaire is due within ONE week of acceptance into the training

By February 1st:
◇ Email Client Care to set up 10 month Payment Plan


 By March 1st:
◇ Pay off remaining balance if paying in full  (Click here to submit your payment)

By April 16th:
◇ Food & Accommodation Payment Due (Click here to submit your payment)

Before April 30th:
Review the 2020 LDT binder materials
Be sure to know the following papers/processes well, and, for the Somatic Inquiry and NVC, be sure to practice them within 2 months of when the ALFT starts:
– Franz Rupert’s Fragmentation in the Human Soul (3 Selves)
– Basics of Somatic Healing
– Somatic Inquiry Process
– The COR Foundations


◇ Plan to arrive on site before 5:30pm on April 30th to check in.

◇ Dinner is at 6:30pm, and we’ll begin at 7:30.

◇ You are also welcome to arrive a day earlier, which we recommend for people from Europe or the West Coast because of the time change.

◇ Early arrival will be an additional cost of $35.00 for the night, which you will pay directly to the site owner, Suwaylu.

◇ You would need to bring your own food, as the first meal we provide is dinner on the 30th.

◇ If you would like to arrive earlier than the 30th or stay after the 8th to enjoy the gorgeous site and have your own personal retreat, please email Lisa at tlcgoreva@yahoo.com to check if there is space available.

The Land Celebration
411 Three Oaks Drive
Gore, VA 22637

◇ Problems while traveling? Call our Event Manager:
Steven (707) 888-3111


◇Food for meals prior to Friday’s dinner

◇Loose comforting clothes, for 8 days

◇ Layers for warm/cool weather

◇ Workout clothes

◇ Socks and/or slippers

◇ Running/hiking shoes and slip-on sandals

◇ A bathing suit for hot tub or lake

◇ An umbrella and/or rain gear in case of rain

◇ A wrist watch

◇ A journal and a pen

◇ A large, covered water bottle

◇ A leak proof travel cup for hot tea

◇ Sunscreen

◇ Any supplements, or special dietary items you may need

◇ Toiletry items, make up, jewelry….

◇ An alarm clock

◇ A flashlight with working batteries

◇ Your LDT binder with the LDT folder materials in it

Please also bring extra cash or your checkbook 

◇ Staying extra nights at the site (before April 30th / after May 8th) $35/night

◇ Extra $20 or more if you would like to leave a tip for the chef

Food & Accommodations

◇ Please send us your food and accommodation payment, no later than April 16th.

◇ The total F&A cost for ALFT I is $895.00. (Click here to submit your payment) This is an additional cost to your training fee.

◇ We provide three healthy wholesome meals a day. 

◇ All bedding and towels are provided.


We are looking forward to what will be a wonderful training. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay Engaged. Keep Staffing!