Build Upon Your Experience

If you’ve found yourself being misattuned to yourself or others, or in a time of transition in terms of your purpose, let us teach you the tools to step foward in embodied leadership: balanced, compassionate, and whole.

Our leadership and facilitation trainings are designed to help you live your life with more meaning. They are ten-month programs and experiential by nature to help you discover your purpose through transformational tools for living life. Begin your leadership journey with our foundational program: Leadership Development Training.

All LDT and ALFT Alumni are invited to come back to staff trainings they’ve already completed. Staffing is a powerful experience in itself, and people often state that staffing is as impactful, if not more so, than their initial experience as a participant.



We learn as much from others’ experiences as we learn from our own. In witnessing and supporting others, we continue our own growth.

Staffing is your opportunity to show up for others, and in doing so… to continue to show up for yourself. It is your opportunity to expand upon what opened up at your COR workshop or training, to deepen your own experience, your healing, your knowledge, awareness, and growth.  

It’s your opportunity for more.