The Call


A Leadership Initiation

Will You Say Yes?

Are you in a time of transition in terms of your purpose?

Is it time to go within and truly listen to what is next on your journey?

Are you ready to let go of the old and step into the new?

Do you want to say Yes, but feel uncertain, blocked, or stuck?
Do you feel the urge and yearning for a real change, but need support?

If so, you are ready for a rite of passage. On any worthwhile rite of passage journey, we hear “The Call for More” when we are in a liminal space. The journeyer is invited to answer with a “Yes.” It might feel unclear or even daunting where we’re asked to go, but a “Yes” it must be if we are to wake up, grow up, and show up.

There’s no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It is why you were born and how you become most truly alive.

Oprah Winfrey


Stories of this “Call for More” are very common. Remember Cinderella as she realizes she is no longer content to live a diminished life as a mistreated servant to her wicked stepfamily? Or Frodo from the epic The Lord of the Rings, who is urged by Gandalf to follow Bilbo’s journey to Rivendell? Both characters embody an inner knowing of their greater potential and are ready to stop denying their true mission.

The spiritual journey is very similar to archetypal hero stories or fairy tales. The seeking soul is driven to find its divine destiny and ready to engage on the hero’s journey, as real life examples like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, or Mahatma Gandhi have shown us. 

YOU, dear one, might think to yourself right now: “Those are tales of great and rare souls, but that is not me. I am not made to be a hero. I don’t have that kind of calling in me!” But you’re here, right?

The Call is a 3.5-day heroes’ journey, designed to help you deeply connect with and trust your Calling in life at this point in time. It will assist you in fully and whole-heartedly saying “Yes” in a healthy, sustainable, and embodied way.

Join us in this NEW leadership initiation weekend as we guide you to reveal the blockages on your soul’s quest. In an intimate sacred container, we will support you as you courageously walk through the fire in an inspirational rite of passage.

The Call will awaken you to your inner hero.

If your seeking soul has attended COR’s Leadership Classroom series, The Edge, or is interested in COR’s Leadership Development Training, The Call is a safe and supportive structure to gain clarity on how to live more fully in this life, to help usher you through the vulnerable, yet incredibly potent liminal space, and to help you cultivate sustainable practices to foster healthy, soul-full leadership.

The Journey

The Call is a three-part journey:
Preparation • Initiation • Integration

It begins with an optional Preparation Period, designed to help you identify what’s blocking you from heeding to The Call for More at this time. This is followed by a 3.5-day Initiation Weekend to face, feel, and free these blockages, so you can step fully into your unique purpose. It completes with an Integration Period to assure you bring the gifts of this profound journey into your day-to-day life. 

The Call is limited to 21 precious souls who are ready to say Yes.


♢ Optional Prep Period
♢ 3.5-Day In-Person Initiation Weekend
♢ 1x Live Follow-Up Call
♢ 2 months free COR LIFE membership (live Teaching & Practice calls, Group Coaching & Check-In call, and audio bites, all to support you in your integration)

♢ Optional Prep Period begins September 14; though you may begin later if preferred
♢ In-Person Workshop: at the beautiful The Land Celebration & Retreat Center in Gore, VA
♢ Follow-up Call: TBD, 8-9:30pm ET / 5-6:30pm PT
♢ TBD: COR LIFE Membership


The Invitation:

The Call is an abstemious “medicine journey”; an initiation into the mystical dimension, without mind-altering substances. During this weekend passage, we invite you to purify all aspects of your life, so that you may truly wake up, grow up, and show up.

How It Works:

The Call is a 3.5-day leadership initiation weekend, designed to help you crystalize your Calling in life at this time. It creates structure for you to live it through purification, discipline, generosity, connection to Grace, and through a powerful rite of passage.

Optional Prep Period:

Face and explore what’s blocking you from fully showing up, where you will be invited to:

♢ Create a shrine or altar in your home and commit to a daily spiritual practice so you can deepen into Grace
♢ A purifying diet
♢ Abstain from smoking, drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity (outside of a committed relationship)
♢ Offer prayers for yourself and others

In-Person Initiation Weekend:

A potent, grace-filled weekend designed to help you offer up whatever is blocking you from fully saying “YES.” The weekend will include unique COR components, such as: active and silent meditation, emotional healing, breath work, partner/witness work, chanting, shadow work, your initiation, and processes unique to this weekend.

Integration Period:

The program concludes with 1x 90-min live group call (October 16), a buddy support structure, and integration practices through 2 months of the COR LIFE membership program.

The mystery of human existence stays not in staying
alive but in finding something to live for.

Theodore Doystoyevski


The Call is limited to 21 precious souls who are ready to say YES.
(Note to LDT Alumni: Please know we have limited the number of slots available to LDT alumni.)

Hosts: Britta & Lee Eskey

Britta & Lee Eskey are the co-founders of COR. Britta has been working internationally with people from all walks of life for over 35 years. She has a background in social work, family therapy, couple’s counseling, Family Constellation Work, Gestalt therapy, dance and movement, spiritual direction, and life coaching. Britta is a NARM informed professional, and a certified Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) instructor, and teaches the Cultivating the Heart course at Stanford University. Lee has facilitated personal growth work with both the Mankind Project (MKP) and COR for more than 20 years. He is a certified leader of Family Constellations and, like Britta, is a teacher of Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training. Britta and Lee are happily married and the proud parents and step-parents of two adult sons and grandparents to two grand-daughters.

“We love sharing our most essential leadership tools. Why? Because we are passionate about a world guided by integrity, honesty, and compassion. We are committed to supporting leaders who respond rather than react, are generous rather than self-serving, and who walk the talk themselves.

These are the fundamental skills that have guided our work for 30 years and positively impacted thousands of people.”

– Britta & Lee Eskey

This Initiation Journey is For Those Who:

♢ Feel blocked, stuck, or unclear in their purpose
♢ Are ready to say Yes to the next phase of contribution in their life
♢ Are willing to answer “The Call for More”
♢ Are at the threshold of a new stage of life
♢ Yearn for change and need support to create intention & action
♢ Are eager to walk through the fire of transformation
♢ Are ready for a powerful rite of passage to catapult them to the next level of their journey
♢ Are driven to find their divine destiny
♢ Long to embody a deeper level of Truth and Love
♢ Are curious about our Leadership Development Training

“The most important days in your life are when you were born
and when you find out why.

Mark Twain


Curious About Our Leadership Development Training?

The Leadership Development Training (LDT) combines ancient wisdom traditions and cutting edge modern methodologies of psychology with real-time accountability, time-management, and strategy tools to provide a practical and comprehensive 10-month training where you can step into your full capacity as a leader, in whatever way is unique to you.

2024 is open for registration and is filling quickly! If you’re ready to become a powerful agent of positive change, confirm your spot. Learn more and register here.

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