COR is committed to creating a safe environment for our participants and staff alike. We accomplish this by bringing together a staff of diverse backgrounds and emotional experiences to hold space for our workshop participants under the supervision of our highly trained Leadership Team that includes our staff leaders, event managers and facilitators.  To assist this commitment in co-creating an extraordinary program, it is mandatory that you agree to the following staff agreements and guidelines. 


At the workshop you will be asked to make the following agreements.
You must agree to all of these in order to staff.
If there is something that you feel you cannot agree with, please contact Client Care immediately.


◇ Attend the Staff Prep Call before the workshop or listen to the recording within 48 hours and email Client Care to let us know when you have done so.

This call delivers very important information regarding your roll on staff, as well as is the start to setting the container that the participants will step in to when they arrive.

◇ Arrive on time on Thursday for set up and stay the entire workshop until Staff Completion on Sunday. Participate in all processes throughout the weekend. There are no exceptions to this. If you are not available for the entirety of the staffing experience, you are not eligible to staff.

◇ Maintain confidentiality.

This include who is at the workshop, what is said during the workshop and the processes.

◇ Honor Sexual Integrity with participants and staff during the workshop and for 6 weeks afterwards. 

Sexual charges may come up during the weekend, this is a natural part of our human experience. However, staff agrees to abstain from sexual contact with any participant or other staff members during the workshop. Also, staff agrees to abstain from sexual contact with any participant for six weeks following the workshop, unless they were in a sexual relationship with the participant prior to the workshop.

See the Support section below for additional information on what support is available if these feelings come up.

◇ Attend to assigned staff jobs for the entire workshop.

You will receive an email on the Monday before the workshop begins. Please review your job(s) description, as you will be responsible for this throughout the workshop.

◇ Refrain from coaching participants or interacting socially with them throughout the weekend. 

It is important to give them the space and time to be in their process. The facilitators are trained to know when it is best to work with them.

◇ Keep all documentation private.

Unless you’re in a leadership position, you won’t be in charge of many (if any) paperwork, but it is good to know that all documentation is private, and we ask that you keep anything you are in charge of private from participants, and turn it into leadership before you leave the weekend.

◇ You may not leave the property without the permission of the lead event manager (if for a logistical need or the facilitators if for a personal reason) and still staff the workshop.

We take the well-being of all of our participants and staff very seriously. If you are unable to honor these agreements or you have willfully broken any of these agreements, you will be asked to leave the workshop without a refund and will not be eligible to continue to staff for COR.


In addition to the above agreements, we also request the following:

◇ No side-talking during processes.

◇ Please use the Staff Leader to clear any charges you may have with facilitators, other staff members or participants, so you can be as present and clear as possible for the participants.

If you are triggered, please handle this is a healthy way. What this looks like: going to your buddy or going to a Staff Leader during assigned breaks to clear your charge. What this doesn’t look like: stoically repressing it or withdrawing from the group for the rest of the weekend, acting it out by screaming (apart from emotional release group processes), or punching walls, gossiping or talking behind anyones back. 

◇ Please give your attention as completely as possible to the participants when in the process room.

◇ Be aware of your posture and physical movements around the participants during sessions.

◇ If anything on your questionnaire changes between the time you fill it out and the workshop like dietary restrictions or physical, emotional or psychological challenges you may have, please contact Client Care at so we can know how to best support you.


Your task as staff for the weekend is to support the facilitators in the participant processes. You will be asked to “hold space” for the participants both emotionally and logistically. This means both offering unconditional love and compassion, as well as being available to step into processes as needed, to set up and break down the group room as requested, completing your assigned staff jobs on breaks, and generally being available for whatever is requested by one of the facilitators, the staff leaders, and the event managers. 

Much of the time you will be in the process room with the participants and your greatest gift is your presence.

If you are staffing a co-gendered workshop, generally, participants and staff will be separate during breaks and asked not to interact with each other. Staff should hold a clear and loving boundary with participants throughout the weekend. We’ll say more about this on the staff meeting call.


Many staff have had the rewarding – and sometimes emotionally challenging – experience of staffing a COR weekend. We want you to have your own rich, fulfilling journey staffing at our workshops. A Staff Leader will be available for your own emotional support throughout the weekend. Additionally, we’ll hold daily staff meetings during which we’ll go over logistics and provide time for sharing. Please let us know if there’s any way we can support you!

Further details not covered here will be discussed on our upcoming staff conference call or during the in-person staff meeting on Thursday before the start of the workshop.

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