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All human beings are born essentially good, but as a result of the trauma and wounds we endure over the course of our life, our once whole self splits into three: The Wounded Self, The Survivor Self, and the Healthy Self.

From here, it tends to be the Survivor Self that takes hold. When carried into adulthood, we can experience chronic self-sabotage, including obedience to the harsh voice of our inner critic, anxiety and overwhelm, relationships full of conflict, and a life in which vibrancy, vitality, and color seem to be missing a lot of the time.

The good news is that there’s a simple answer: We each have the ability to reclaim our Healthy Self.

Join us for our free, 5-day email journey, and reclaim your Healthy Self!

Join Us to Reclaim Your Healthy Self


Once you complete this incredible journey, you will be able to:

◇ Trust Yourself. Let go of hiding, pretending, and second-guessing yourself. Learn how to speak your truth, lovingly and clearly—regardless of the circumstances you’re in. Reconnect with your most natural self and experience a bone-deep and profound confidence, just as you are.

◇ Overcome repetitive patterns that are negatively impacting your life by tending to the underlying wounds. Unhealed wounds sabotage our relationships, career, and happiness, so we need to gain awareness of what needs healing within you. Transform your suffering with love, so it won’t hold you back from the person you were meant to be.

◇ Cultivate unconditional compassion for yourself. Imagine a world where you are your best friend, greatest ally, and deepest partner—this is what the Healthy Self makes possible. Learn how to be loving and kind to yourself, no matter how you show up or what happens.

◇ Fall in love with your life again. Instead of dragging yourself around this life like a feverish ailment of all the things that have gone wrong, find a deep yes to the human experience—to its beauty, profundity, and gift.

◇ Experience less anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. Dive into mindfulness practices and reconnect to your deepest source—an abundant wellspring of goodness that you can draw on to overcome burnout before it creeps in.

What’s Included

◇ Receive five teaching video modules 

◇ Daily guidance from Britta & Lee 

◇ You’ll also receive five practices and journaling prompts to deepen your experience

Once you begin to implement these ideas, tools and practices, your life will change. You will have paved the way to experience more joy, contentment, and peace as well as healthier relationships and a happier work life. Sign up now, and let the journey begin! 

“The Healthy Self is a state of unconditional acceptance and trust. It remembers what is already and always here, is grateful for what is, and settles into a state of joy and contentment—regardless of the circumstances.”

Britta Eskey, co-founder COR

Topics We Cover

The Three Selves: Learn about the three selves and how they’re each impacting your life. Communication: Truthful and loving communication creates deeper intimacy and connection. Mindfulness: Just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true. Learn how to clearly see and dis-identify with your thoughts.
Compassion & Honesty: Being honest with yourself and others is what will set you free. Yet truth without compassion can be harsh, while compassion without honesty can be enabling. Learn how to be both, compassionate and truthful with yourself and others in the journey of transformation. Somatic Practices: Our trauma and wounding lives in our body. Get body-based practices that help uncover and tend to your wounds as well as embody and reclaim your Healthy Self. Self Awareness & Growth: Become aware of your blocks, unhealthy tactics, and behavior—and learn how to channel them into your growth.

“If you want to bring healing, wholeness and reconciliation to your life, your community and to the world, Healthy Self development is the work you need to be doing.”

Lee Eskey, co-founder COR

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About Britta & Lee

Britta and Lee are the co-founders of COR. Britta has been working internationally with people from all walks of life for over 35 years. She has a background in social work, family therapy, couple’s counseling, Family Constellation Work, Gestalt therapy, dance and movement, spiritual direction, emotional release, and life coaching. Britta is a certified teacher of the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) developed at Stanford University. Lee has facilitated personal growth work with both the Mankind Project (MKP) and COR for more than 20 years. He is a certified leader of Family Constellations and, like Britta, a teacher of Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training. Britta and Lee are happily married and the proud parents and step parents of two adult sons and grandparents to two grand-daughters.