Important Information for Staffing Your Upcoming
Leadership Development Training (Module III)

Welcome! In preparation to staff LDT III 2022, you will need the following logistical information.

◇ Important Dates & Times

◇ Travel Information

◇ What to Bring

◇ Logistics FAQs & Contact Information

Please read through this page in its entirety, and please provide us with the information we will need in order to best support you.


STAFF: DECEMBER 7 AT 9:00 Am – december 10 AT 4:00 pm

Dates & Times

Please take a moment to put the following events into your calendar:

November 23th
◇ Email your flight info to the Event Manager

December 7th
◇ Mandatory prep meeting at 9:15am

December 11th
◇ Staffing ends approximately at 4:00pm



◇ Please be on time and plan to arrive the latest by 8:45am on Dec. 7th to check in. The Staff Set Up Meeting for LDT 3 begins promptly at 9:15am. 

◇ All staff are welcome to arrive the day before, Wed. December 6th, after 5:30pm, for a $50 fee. Reserve your spot here.

For those arriving Wednesday evening, please arrange for your own dinner, as well as breakfast and lunch on Thursday.

◇  Problems while traveling? Call our event manager:

Four Springs
14598 Sheveland Road
Middletown, CA 95461
Phone: (888) 428-5189


Please note everyone, no matter what their current vaccine status, will be required to show proof of negative COVID-19 test within 12 hours of arrival to the Event Manager. If you are flying, you will need to provide one prior to your flight and a second negative test within 12 hours of arrival on site.

Click on the below button to review our full COVID-19 protocols.


◇ Food and beverages for meals prior to Thursday’s dinner

◇ Your LDT binder with lined paper for taking notes
(We will email you the 2022 LDT III materials to update your binder if needed)

◇ A copy of the staff manual that will be emailed to you by our event manager (please print and keep it in your binder)

◇ A journal and at least 2 pens

◇ A large covered water bottle

◇ A covered mug for tea service

◇ An alarm clock, watch/time keeper AND a wrist watch

◇ A flashlight or headlamp with working (and spare) batteries

◇ Loose comfortable clothes for 4 days

◇ Dress in warm/heavy layers, and be sure to include workout/yoga clothes and a shawl or sweaters

◇ A warm jacket, beanie or hat, and gloves

◇ Warm socks/slippers

◇ A pair of good hiking/running shoes and rain/snow boots

◇ A swimsuit (if you desire a cold plunge)

◇ Any supplements, or special dietary items you may need

◇ Toiletry items, including shampoo/conditioner, body wash, make-up, etc.

◇ A body and face bath towel (and optional robe)

◇ If possible, electric blanket and/or portable space heaters (cabins can be cold in winter months). If you live locally (vs. flying), please consider bringing an extra for cabin-mates

Please AlSO BRING:

◇ Your LDT binder with enough note paper and a few pens for yourself. (We will email you the LDT 2023 materials to update your binder. Most materials haven’t changed much in the last 3-4 years. Once we send it to you, take a look at the sections and print the ones you don’t have or want to update.)

◇ A copy of the staff manual that will be emailed to you by our event manager (please print and keep it in your binder)

◇ Extra cash or your checkbook to tip the chef – $20 suggested tip.


◇ Our event manager will be notifying you of your job assignment(s), so be on the lookout for that email as the module approaches.

◇ For a general overview of how to participate in group processes throughout the session, please read the General Participation During Group Processes below.

General Participation During Group Processes

◇ Sharing Circles: Most of the time, all the participants will share, and you will not–except for especially designated times when everyone shares.

◇ Body pieces: You participate in all of them, and for time sake please hold back with your feedback, unless something is burning, since not everyone can give feedback to everyone.

◇ Other Expectations: You are expected to be on time, to be at all meditations and be a model of full participation and present and loving dedication to the processes. You are also expected to be available for the participants if they need extra support, or if they need to clear charges with each other. You can then facilitate a clearing between them, using the NVC model.

◇ The Project Demos: You will participate in them, and you will be assigned to a particular small group. We might ask you to facilitate the feedback section of this.

◇ Teaching sessions: If there is an uneven number, you will take turns buddying up with a participant and holding space. When you are buddied up, you participate, like they do. When you are holding space, you are available to help and hold space. If there is an even number of participants, you can participate with each other, or assist, as directed by the facilitator(s).

 ◇ NVC: We expect you to brush up on your NVC knowledge so you can handle using this technique to help clear charges between participants. We highly recommend reading the Non-Violent Communication book by Marshall Rosenberg again. The NVC website is also very helpful and has many resources.



We are looking forward to what will be a wonderful training.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.