We are so excited that you have chosen to embark upon this journey with us, one toward being a leader of your own life, embracing a new way of being, and receiving an entirely new skill set, with which to improve your life throughout this ten-month program.

Please review this page to make sure that you are clear on what you can expect from us and what we will expect of you during this upcoming LDT.

Our commitment to you

◇ We promise to deliver the highest quality leadership training we possibly can.

◇ We promise to empower your unique gifts at every step, by encouraging and supporting you to step into your fullest power.

◇ We will teach you the integrated psychological, spiritual, and philosophical foundations of the COR work and the foundations of our cutting edge facilitation skills.

◇ We will teach you highly effective leadership habits and best practices to integrate into every area of your life.

We will support you in stepping into leadership in your own area of passion and expertise in the future.

individual sessions

For the duration of this Training, we offer our LDT participants one individual coaching session per month with an LDT Mentor.

Additionally, we offer you individual sessions with COR LDT Coaches for a reduced rate of $125 an hour. We encourage you to use this support structure to work through any issues that may arise during the LDT, and to get support with bringing your new leadership skills into your life.

Please contact Client Care for a list of available COR LDT Coaches.

what we expect from you

 Service Leadership

Besides being an incredibly powerful program for your own healing and transformation, this training is also about being in service to the healing and transformation of others.

Take full responsibility

Have a true dedication to your own inner transformation by being willing to take full responsibility for your own personal process. Be willing to see what is going on inside of you, what got triggered in you, and how that affects the training. Be willing to do your own inner work with the help of a coach, counselor or therapist when needed.


Clear any issues you have going on with anyone in the LDT as soon as possible, and do not gossip behind anyone’s back. We will teach you the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) structure. Please use that structure to clear your triggers and charges with others responsibly.


No matter how much you already know, have the courage and humility to be a beginner. Be willing not to know, to make mistakes, and to learn from your own and others’ mistakes. Be willing to accept and process feedback. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others as you are learning. This is a prime time for the Survivor Self to step in. Get support in being able to identify and work with this.

Be Present

Be committed to being present with your own physical, emotional and mental experience, as well as with the needs of others and the space in general. All of this is required of you as a leader. Recognize when you are not present, and what has pulled you out of presence, and find skillful ways of owning, communicating and working with that.

Be Flexible

Know that your role and what might be asked of you during this training may change and shift, and be willing to take any role on.

Open to Grace

LDT is a training in holding sacred space for yourself and others. We ask that you are open to your own unique relationship to Grace. This training is about your leadership in the healing and empowerment of others, as well as your own personal growth and spiritual transformation. You are an amazing human being and we are deeply honored to have you with us. Trust yourself, and trust the way Grace wants to move through you. Work with and be willing to be held in the process you will go through. We are all in this together. We look forward to having you on this amazing journey with us!