Transform Your Core Wound into Your Greatest Gift

an online workshop that will help you live with purpose again — in 3.5 days.

  • Finally come into right relationship with your core wound.
  • Become a better leader.
  • Stop sabotaging your relationships.
  • Feel a new sense of wholeness by healing the part of you that keeps you separate and alone.
  • Rediscover freedom, connection, and intimacy in your relationships.
  • Live, love, and serve from connection with your true power and potential.
  • Emerge from this trying time with new purpose.
  • Reunite with Grace in your life.

Get ready for something different than you’ve ever experienced — this is the place to finally face your core wound. If you don’t meet your core wound from your Healthy Self, it will continue to sabotage your life, your relationships, and your expression in the world.



LOCATION: All sessions held on Zoom. Links will be sent after registration. We recommend that you create a quiet and private space away from family, responsibilities, and interruption.

PREPARATION & INTEGRATION GUIDES: Registration includes our tailored guide for creating your workshop sanctuary, planning the space in your calendar, and setting your intentions. Also included: after the workshop, we’ll share our detailed integration guide to support you to bring your King or Queen into your daily life. 

DURING THE WEEKEND: This workshop is experiential and participatory in nature, with equal numbers men and women, participating together side by side. It is a rite of passage workshop, yet is unlike all other COR workshops, because it includes new depths of processes and teachings.


3:30 — 7:00pm PT (With Break)

FRIDAY SESSIONS: September 11th
7:30 — 8:30am PT
10:00am — 1:00pm PT (With Break)
3:00 — 7:00pm PT  (With Break)
8:00 — 9:00pm PT  (Optional- Recorded)

7:30 — 8:30am PT
10:00am — 1:00pm PT (With Break)
3:00 — 7:00pm PT  (With Break)
8:00 — 9:00pm PT  (Optional- Recorded)

SUNDAY SESSIONS: September 13th
7:30 — 8:30am PT
9:30am — 1:00pm PT (With Break)

“Before Kings & Queens, underlying everything in my entire life was this thought that I was not good enough. I was always just waiting to screw up. I honestly never thought that it would go away. What I got in this workshop was a whole new perspective. I realized that it’s okay if those thoughts never go away; I learned how to just be with them, and how to transform them into the thing that makes me a better leader in the world and in my life.”

– Shandra

where you are

You’ve done the work. You’ve gone deep into your own process. You’ve attended and staffed COR Woman, Noble Man, and Radiant Woman. 

And, you keep cycling back into your core wound.

Congratulations! You’ve stripped enough away, done enough deep work, that you’ve landed on the place that just won’t release. Many participants tell us they keep returning to this deep pain. They speak words like, 

“I don’t belong.”
“I’m bad.”
“I’m not worthy of love.”
“Who I am isn’t enough.”
“I’m all alone.”

You’ve tried to run away from, suppress, numb, and get rid of this deep pain. It didn’t work, did it? It’s still here. 

 You’re tired of sweeping it under the rug, changing your behaviors, and trying to get rid of your shadow. You’re tired of delaying life, delaying your purpose, and playing victim to the ways you sabotage yourself — passively waiting for your core wound to go away.

Now you’re ready for something new. 



Get ready for something you haven’t experienced at COR. Kings and Queens is a deeper dive than COR Woman, Noble Man, and Radiant Woman.

At Kings & Queens, you come together as men and women, and as equals, to support and hold space for each other, learning to relax the ego’s hold, let go of your fears, and be transformed by the truth of who you really are.

New teachings will help you dive deeper into understanding your own human condition and the ways you deny your humanity.

Processes include:

Teachings about your core wound and how it formed when you ‘fell from Grace’. 

Specially designed healing processes that give you freedom in relationship with God, your family, your partner, and yourself.

Breath work to surrender your core wound and rediscover your wholeness.

Embodied and contemplative meditation.

Group coaching, witnessed small group ‘horseshoe work’ designed to support your transformation.

Self-care time with tailored deepening and self-nurturing recommendations.

A special Rite of Passage into your King or Queen.

Optional evening Examen Prayer and chanting. This will be recorded for people in time zones other than PDT.


Kings & Queens is your opportunity to step onto a new life path, with a greater depth of understanding and healing—one on which you let go of blame and victimhood and take full responsibility for your life and your relationships.  What’s on the other side of this? A new way of being, of interacting in the world, and the full authenticity of who you were born to be.

Your personal takeaways and healings will be unique to you, but these are common breakthroughs that people experience at Kings and Queens — all of which are available to you:

Transform your core wound into your greatest gift.

A renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Rediscover purposeful action, without crippling sabotage that makes every step feel heavy.

A new level of passion and sensuality.

Ownership of your leadership in all areas of your life.

Freedom, connection, and intimacy in your relationships. 

Inner solace and space where your core wound doesn’t run your life and your relationships.

Greater access to essential qualities like gratitude, joy, equanimity, unconditional love, compassion, vibrant aliveness, wisdom and peace.

A new doorway to Grace.

Forgiveness for, and release from, those who have hurt you.

A new lease on life, with the tools to fully show up in your true self.

“Kings and Queens allowed me to change my relationship to shame and begin to move through it. For the first time, I experienced relief and removal of shame. I began to see those negative messages I had been telling myself all my life. This awareness has allowed me to re-examine these shame stories and find what’s really true. ”



September 10-13, 2020
Offered Online


what if I don’t attend?

The painful truth is that no matter which workshops you attend, no matter how much you meditate or dance, and no matter which psychedelics you use, your core wound will keep showing up.

You can find moments of reprieve, but it will come back.

“I kept telling myself I could get rid of my shadow. I kept telling myself it wasn’t me. It never worked.” – JB

So how do I move forward?

  1.  Face it: acknowledge your shadow, your core wound.
  2. Feel it: turn toward it, bring it into the light, open your heart to it.
  3. Free it: understand the gift that’s waiting for you, through mind, heart, and body — and start to live from your truest ground.


You can turn your back today on rediscovering deep meaning and connection — but life won’t yield. Eventually you’ll grow tired of your core wound influencing every step forward, and realize you need to turn toward it. Join us at Kings & Queens to do just that.


Will this be as powerful as the in-person Kings & Queens?

As we considered whether we could offer King and Queens online, we realized that connecting through Zoom won’t limit the depth that you can go to — it only limits how you connect with others. It will be a different Kings & Queens than ever before, with special breakouts, practices true to the ‘in-person’ Kings & Queens, and transformative results.

Who facilitates this workshop?

This workshop is led by Britta and Lee Eskey, the founders of COR, and supported by our most senior facilitators and staff.

How many participants are at this workshop?

This workshop is always offered with an equal number of men and women, and generally includes 16 to 28 participants.

How much space should I create for this workshop?

Plan to dedicate your attention from 3:00pm Thursday September 10th to 1:00pm Sunday September 13th. You’ll need space free from regular responsibilities to nourish yourself with good food, rest, and integrate the deep practices and teachings.

Will this workshop “fix” me?

No one is going to wave a magic wand and “fix” you at this workshop. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to do real, deep inner work on yourself, in the company of similarly committed women, under the guidance of skilled facilitators who have all done this work before you.  You will receive deep healing at the workshop, healing that can last decades, not a surface feeling that fades within days or weeks. However, we have found that for most of us, the journey is not in fixing anything, it’s in accepting all the parts of ourselves, understanding them, and then moving forward with compassion.

Is this workshop only about romantic relationships?

No. Although one area of our focus is the dynamic and healing between men and women, this workshop isn’t about relationships; it’s about you, at your core. Certainly, your romantic life will be greatly affected by this weekend, but the work we do addresses all relationships— family, friends, co-workers, and of course, maybe most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

Is this a couples workshop?

No, though you can participate in this workshop with your romantic partner if your partner has also fulfilled the prerequisites.  If you choose to do so, you will complete the workshop with your partner, as a pair, without the normal separation that is the case in other COR workshops.

Should I attend if I’m still single, or wait until I have a partner?

You can absolutely attend this workshop without a romantic partner, and there are no downsides to doing so. In fact, some past participants have said that attending this workshop provided the healing they needed to be able to enter into and sustain a healthy romantic partnership, and they credit the relationship they found afterward to attending this workshop.

I’m interested in financial aid options.  What kind of assistance is available if I cannot afford the workshop?

We offer no-fee payment plans for all our workshops so that you can spread the payment out over four monthly payments if you register at least 4 months in advance of the workshop.  We also have financial aid available for every workshop, which can help subsidize the cost of the workshop by up to $500 dependent on need and availability.  To learn more about our COR Community Foundation nonprofit and the scholarships that they provide, please go to the scholarship application and information page, found here.

We hope in the future to be able to offer more financial aid options.  We can also highly recommend the one-day workshops and monthly evening programs as a way to engage with our work and receive support at a more accessible financial investment.


September 10-13, 2020
Offered Online

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