Important Information for “Free It!”, An Online Workshop
March 27, 2021

Welcome to the logistics page for “Free It!” An Online Workshop.  This page includes all the information you will need to prepare for your time with us, including:

◇ Getting Prepared for the Workshop

◇ Schedule and Zoom Logistics

◇ What to Have with You

◇ Important Follow-Up Information for After the Workshop

Please take a few minutes to look over all the information, and bookmark this page for your reference.


We recommend you take some time to consider what brought you to this workshop. It may also be beneficial to journal  regarding the following questions: What do you hope to let go of? What do you hope to receive? What issue in your life would you like to tend to? What could be a breakthrough for you?

Get prepared for the wORKSHOP




◇ You will be engaging in deep inner work throughout the day. Therefore, we suggest you nourish yourself with healthy foods and abstain from drugs and alcohol.

◇ We request that you turn your cell phone on airplane mode during our session so that you will not be distracted.


A Dedicated Space:
We highly recommend you participate in a quiet, dedicated place in your home, with your door closed if you live with others.

Refraining from Distractions:
You can receive the maximum benefits from this work by minimizing communication with others and refraining from news and entertainment. Try to structure your retreat day with simplicity—put an away message on your email, save your snail mail for later, prepare the simplest meals you can in advance.

Requesting support from people you live with:
If you are living with someone, lovingly request they give you space, especially during the session hours, but even, during the breaks.

Here are some phrases to make that request:  “Would you be willing to………. …? Then “This is what it would mean to me:…………..” Then “Thank you so much. You are such a support to me, I notice I feel so much gratitude.”

We are aware that this will be especially challenging for parents, and we understand you can only do your best.

Set Your Intention:
Having an intention can be a really important step in your process It gives your focus some direction and is like placing a stake in the ground that is a marker for claiming something that you want.

Also, as you fill out the questionnaire, take some time to consider what brought you to this workshop. What do you hope to let go of? What do you hope to receive? What might be a miracle for you?


Saturday-March 27th
1:00 — 6:00pm PST (with a brief break)

Please note: Please be sure to clear your calendar from other obligations so that you can be present, without distractions.

Zoom information

Join by video:
To join each session at the designated time, just click this link:  Free It!

Or you can open the Zoom app and enter the following information:
Meeting ID: 892 6703 1240
Passcode: COR

NOTE: In order to join by video, you’ll need to download the Zoom app to either your computer or phone.


What to have with you During the wORKSHOP


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Water or herbal tea
  • A journal and a pen
  • 1-2 pillow(s)
  • A tissue box
  • Optional: Headphones


Many of the answers can be found on this page, but in case you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our Client Care Specialist with any questions or concerns:




Plan to dedicate your attention from 1:00-6:00pm PST on Saturday, plus some time to set yourself up for the workshop. You’ll need privacy and space free from regular responsibilities to nourish yourself with good food, rest, and integrate the deep practices and teachings.

can i do this workshop with a friend or relative?

Yes absolutely! Many people choose to complete their Immersion Weekend with a close friend or family member present, and it’s a very bonding experience. We encourage you to invite anyone who you are close to, and who might also benefit from the weekend.

What is the policy if i need to transfer or cancel?

Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information on this, and contact our Client Care Specialist if you need to discuss a transfer.

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