May 06 - 11 2024


All Day

Leadership Development Training 2024-2025

Leadership Development Training combines ancient wisdom traditions with leading modern methodologies of psychology to provide you with a practical and comprehensive training for you to step into your full capacity as a leader in your life and community, so that you can give your gifts to the world.

The Leadership Development Training (LDT) is a nine month program offered in-person, and includes three multi-day in-person trainings as well as monthly online sessions.

More specifically, this course includes nine monthly two-hour teaching calls. There are homework assignments and meetings with an accountability buddy and/or buddy group to practice your leadership skills and to receive and give support. Begin your LDT journey right away with our introductory Groundwork Program. Receive monthly teachings and a free monthly coaching session when you sign up.

Who Is LDT For?

The LDT is designed for members of our community who:

  • Want to go deeper into our tools and techniques, master the principles we employ at COR and Celebration of Being (our sister organization in the U.K.). 
  • Want to master these tools in their own lives and want an introduction to the practices used in COR facilitation.
  • Want a nine-month program with great support and an opportunity for sustained growth and lasting transformation.
  • Have a strong desire to bring leadership to their personal communities by sharing our leadership tools with friends, business associates, networking groups, employees, fellow church members, charity organizations, or men’s/women’s circles.
  • Are seeking to integrate a deeper way of living and loving in their current professional practice or discipline, for example: business leadership, counseling and therapy, life coaching, business consulting, specialty counseling, high school teaching, and instructing university classes.

Program Highlights

  • In-person multi-day training modules throughout the year (see schedule below)
  • 9 monthly 2-hour group teaching sessions.
  • Monthly coaching sessions with an LDT mentor.
  • A buddy to go through the process with, and to hold each other accountable for your success.
  • A strong support system to become the best leader and greatest gift you can possibly be.
  • Groundwork Program; monthly trainings and free coaching sessions to help you build foundation for your LDT journey.
  • The deepest, most fun, hands-on training you could possibly get!

In-Person Module Schedule

  • May 6 – 11, 2024
  • Sept 24 – 29, 2024
  • January 9 – 12, 2025

NOTE: This is a nine month program, beginning May 2024 and ending in March 2025. Please see above for the module schedule.

If you’re ready for your next step in leadership, especially a heart and body centered kind, then we look forward to being your guides!