A Six-Month Exclusive Men’s Group for Noble Man Graduates

Do you find yourself…

Struggling to be authentic and stand in your truth

“Managing” and “surviving” in relationships and in life, instead of thriving

In blaming mode with your partner, the women in your life, or yourself

Longing for a deeper and more honest connection to men who you can trust

Do you want to…

Explore and claim for yourself the healthy archetypes of the masculine – all of which make up the Noble Man

Live life as a Noble Man in the face of the fire

Be part of a loving, wise, and committed group of men who can share and support you on your journey

This 6-month exclusive Men’s Group is designed just for

Noble Man graduates, so you can:

Live in your authenticity and strength in your daily life, especially in the face of obstacles

Navigate human survival strategies and defense mechanisms while staying true to yourself and grounded in your personal sovereignty

Get to intimately know your King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, and other male archetypes – through the COR lens of the Three Selves

Stop carrying resentment, criticism, and withdrawal as your go-to means of relating

Be proud of yourself as a good man, a leader, a husband, or a father

So I went to Noble Man. Now what?

You got a taste of what it means to be a Noble Man. Where you were loved for your being, not your doing. Where your power was welcomed rather than attacked. Where you were honored for your vulnerability. Where you spoke your truth. Where you learned you could manage your struggles from your Healthy Self. 

But the “real world” generally doesn’t foster or call forth your Healthy Self. In fact, it often criticizes it. 

And you’re asking: How do I cultivate and live as a Noble Man in my real world daily life?

Every one of us struggles when we go home.
Because it’s easier to stay grounded and centered when those around us are loving and compassionate, and a lot harder when they’re not! On top of that, our male friendships often don’t embrace or encourage healthy vulnerability. And we’re in a culture that doesn’t embrace the Noble Man — our sovereignty often looks threatening, and our culture has even been touting ‘toxic masculinity’ instead of supporting our Healthy Self.

You might even feel frustrated, blameful, and isolated — because it’s so darn hard to stay rooted in yourself during these times.

You’re the kind of man who sees this, wants to face it, transmute it, and be in your strength and authenticity every day. 

You’re ready! You’re ready to embody your purpose in action.
You’re ready to meet the challenges of being with others where you’re no longer compromising yourself, no longer collapsing. 


How do I cultivate and live the Noble Man in my daily life?



  • Work with a skilled mentor who has walked this path and can point out the pitfalls along the way, who can hold the map for this journey and help you avoid years of struggle and suffering as you go
  • Claim the Healthy Self version of all of your archetypes, including your Lover, Warrior, Magician, and King
  • Learn to see the core wounds of the masculine — passed down generation to generation, and how they play out in you on a daily basis
  • Receive rapid feedback and adjustment: When we ‘lose it’ and get pulled off-center by our partner or others, we need our brothers to get us back on track — to hold us to our Noble Man
  • See the ways your Survivor Self undercuts your Lover, Warrior, Magician, King archetypes – and your other archetypes too


How do I know if this Program is right for me? 


  • You’ve attended Noble Man
  • You’re ready to join a group of committed brothers, to be held accountable, to be guided by male mentors who have been on this path, and you are ready to feel a deep connection, trust and love with others
  • You’re ready for a six-month journey and deep dive

  • You need and want help navigating the shadow feminine and are looking for tools in your relationships with women
  • You’re ready to uncover blind spots or things you may not have even realized about yourself
  • You’re ready to show up as a Noble Man every day — not just when you feel good or when someone else is showing up in their Healthy Self

16 men

Six months
to change your life


We invite you to take this important step: for yourself,
those you love, and the life you want to live.


Logistics and details



Each month you’ll receive:

  • A one-hour individual private coaching session with Lee or Steven
    • You can either receive support applying the monthly tools and teachings to your day-to-day life and/or address anything that is coming up for you personally that you want assistance with.
  • Two (2x) two-hour group calls on Zoom led by Lee or Steven
    • This includes:
      • A short teaching on one of the archetypes and the Three Selves
      • A live dyad or sharing circles around that archetype
      • A practice to explore and cultivate the Healthy Self version of that archetype in your everyday life
  • An additional one-hour (optional) Zoom group Coaching/Sharing call led by Lee or Steven
    • With a brief continued teaching on the archetype of the month, followed by group coaching and sharing in which any member of the group can bring whatever they need support with at that moment in time.

You’ll also receive

  • Honest and transparent insights from Lee and Steven’s own struggles, wins, failures, and discoveries
  • A dedicated community of like-minded brothers
  • Dedicated private messaging where Steven, Lee, and the whole group will be available to you
  • Optional Sub-Support Group
  • Private WhatsApp Group
  • A support and accountability partner
    • You will have at least two check-ins a month (weekly if you choose)
    • You’ll switch and get a new partner halfway through the program


December 2, 2021 through May 31, 2022

Group Video Calls:
Thursdays: Dec 2, Dec 16, Jan 6, Jan 20, Feb 3, Feb 17, March 3, March 17, April 7, April 21, May 5, and May 19
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm PT 

Group Coaching/Sharing Video Calls (Optional):
Thursdays: Dec 23, Jan 27, Feb 24, March 31, April 28, and May 26
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm PT

NOTE: All Zoom calls will be recorded. If you miss any of the teaching calls, you commit to listening to it within 72 hours.

$3,997 or pay six installments of $725/month.
LYNM Alumni discount available; please inquire.

This program is limited to 16 men.

JOin the program

To Apply: Email us to request a call with Lee or Steven.
The program is limited to 16 men. 

I’ve had my call & I’m ready to get started. How do I register?

Acceptance into the program is dependent upon a conversation with and approval from Lee or Steven. 


Both Lee and Steven will participate alongside you in COR Men. They will facilitate the calls and share teachings, and you will hear from Lee and Steven about their own intimate journey shifting from their Survivor Self to their Healthy Self in their daily life – the struggles, the wins, and their own most successful tools. 

Lee Eskey
CEO of COR and Lead Facilitator

Lee, along with his wife Britta, is the co-founder and co-director of COR. He has facilitated personal growth work with the Mankind Project (MKP) and with COR for more than 20 years. He is certified in Family Constellations and a practitioner of Non-Violent Communication. Lee is the lead male facilitator for Radiant Woman and Noble Man and facilitates COR’s leadership and advanced leadership training.  

Steven Kimmelman
Lead Facilitator & Intuitive Coach

 Steven is a COR Lead Facilitator, a coach working primarily with men, and a teacher of intuitive development. Involved in personal growth work for more than three decades, Steven guides men to get clear about their needs and wants, teaches them emotional awareness and how to speak their truth with skill and confidence, and to develop exceptional communication and listening skills, especially with women.

What Men Are Saying About Work with COR

WOW!!! That is the only word that can describe the change I feel in my heart and my mind. I feel as if the well of grief inside my soul was pumped out and now there is space to fill it with love. My gratitude knows no bounds. The love and acceptance of the feminine I feel is so great. My heart and opinion about women was changed. Thank you for creating the space for me to heal my broken heart. Just know that I am the best I have ever been in my life.”


I came to COR knowing that I had met the woman of my life, but my fear of committing to a woman had me pushing her away from me. COR helped me acknowledge my anger and fear towards women, and to begin to heal and see women in a new light. I am now fully open and fully committed to my wife.”


I now feel powerful and strong in my masculinity. I feel a belief in myself that I could never honestly say was there before. And I have a willingness and desire to show my vulnerability to women, without fear that their responses might wound me beyond repair. Put simply, I now feel complete as a man, very much with my manhood intact, and totally at ease with how to use it!”



How is this different from Noble man?

Noble Man gave you a taste of your Healthy Self and what it means to be a man amongst women. 

This six-month facilitated COR men’s group and mentorship program is a deep dive for men who are ready to LIVE their Noble Man in their everyday life, not just in a workshop or sporadically throughout your life.


Yes! You’ll receive the ‘archetypal roadmap’ — why this hero’s journey is what every man faces, what happens when you don’t take this journey, and how to finally arrive as the Noble Man you are destined to be, in your everyday life.
You’ll receive many tools and teachings around how to live your Noble Man and embody him, even in the face of obstacles, defenses, or turmoil. 

Is there a “returning” discount if I did the last Living Your Noble Man program?

Yes! We’d love to have you experience this new program with us and we’re happy to provide a substantial discount. Contact Lee or Steven for further details.

How many people are In this program?

The COR Men program is capped at 16 men. So it will be an intimate group of committed brothers on this journey together. 

what if I can’t make the Zoom calls?

All Zoom calls will be recorded. If you miss any of the teaching calls, you commit to listening to the call within 72 hours. 

I’m interested in financial aid options.  What kind of assistance is available if I cannot afford the Program?

We offer a payment plan option where you pay $725/month for 6 months. At the moment, we do not have any scholarships available for this program.

JOin the program

To Apply: Request a call with Lee or Steven.
The program is limited to 16 men. 

I’ve had my call & I’m ready to get started. How do I register?

Acceptance into the program is dependent upon a conversation with and approval from Lee or Steven.