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Fundamentally Shift to Your Healthy Self in Daily Life

Walk The Line. Live Your Purpose. Use the COR Foundations! 

At COR workshops, you’ve experienced a way of being that’s connected, intimate, alive, honest, generous, and vibrant.

Yet you went back into everyday life, finding it difficult or even impossible to remain in your Healthy Self in a consistent way. Your Survivor Self strategies keep sneaking up on you, left and right.  

For every Healthy Self action, there are Survivor Self alternatives. It’s like walking through a narrow gate. The Survivor Self alternatives are often easier, flashier, or just more habitual. Although they provide momentary satisfaction, it fades fast enough, leaving us disempowered, ashamed, defeated, and in the same rut. We must navigate the perils.

Instead, Walking the Line is choosing the Healthy Self.

In 2023 we will focus on the 12 COR Foundations to help you navigate your daily life, choosing the Healthy Self. These foundations are incredibly helpful to fundamentally shift into your Healthy Self.

To Walk this Line, therapy isn’t enough and weekend workshops aren’t enough. If you want to shift fundamentally to your Healthy Self and truly contribute to the welfare of humanity, it takes sustained, skilled support, accountability, and community. It takes the wisdom of leadership, proven tools, and an honest & supportive space. And it’s essential to have many tangible reminders of our deepest connection with ourselves, with each other, and Life itself.

Walking the Line leads us to the ultimate Healthy Self prize: to be a contribution. And that starts right here in COR Life, with the privilege of being in service to your COR brothers and sisters in this group, and them serving you in return. Our greatest fulfillment as human beings comes from discovering and living the gift that we are meant to be to the world – every day until we die. That’s living the COR Life.

Initiations are the beginning. Living Life in the Healthy Self is the journey.


“Everything that happens to us in life can be a goldmine for Growth and Grace, if we but have the right support.”

– Britta Eskey

COR LIFE: The What

COR LIFE is a Membership Program.

COR LIFE members receive:

Monthly Teaching & Pactice Calls
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Short Audio Teachings
Accountability & Structure
Exclusive Access to COR Life Platform

All monthly calls will be about exploring and sharing how you can apply what you are learning to your specific life circumstances.


Join us inside the COR LIFE community at Mighty Networks, and here’s exactly what you get:

Monthly live teaching and practice calls, generally led by Britta (or Lee or a COR Facilitator) with practices you can apply immediately in your life

◇ Monthly group coaching and check-in calls, generally led by Shandra (or Britta or Lee or a COR Facilitator) – to practice integrating the teachings

◇ Quick sound-bites from Lee; these audio clips offer his reflections on the monthly theme

◇ Exclusive access to the COR LIFE platform on Mighty Networks (a distraction and commercial free way to connect) with access to recorded calls and community forum you can take with you on your phone. 

 ◇ Connection with a global community of like-minded individuals ready to support you on your journey to your new normal

◇ Access to Britta and Lee

◇ Specific tools for integrating these teachings into your life

◇ Optional accountability partner and small groups to stay in touch with on your journey – with guidance on how to make this most fruitful


In 2023, the COR LIFE sessions will explore the 12 Foundations of COR.

All calls are recorded and available in the private group on Mighty Network.
NEW in 2023: AUDIO recordings will also be posted so you may listen at your convenience.


◇ A 90-minute teaching and practice call each month,
generally led by Britta
◇ Fridays (through June) then Thursdays (beginning in July) (and Wednesday in October): 9:00am-10:30am PT

◇ January 6
◇ February 3
◇ March 3
◇ March 31
◇ May 5
◇ June 2
◇ July 6
◇ August 10
◇ September 7
◇ October 5
◇ November 2
◇ December – End of Year Teaching Recording & Practice (to do at your pace and time)


◇ A 90-minute group coaching and check-in call,
generally led by Shandra
◇  Tuesdays: 5:00pm-6:30pm PT

◇ January 17
◇ February 21
◇ March 21
◇ April 18
◇ May 23
◇ June 20
◇ July 25
◇ August 22
◇ September 19
◇ October 17
◇ November 21
◇ December 19

Lee will also regularly share quick sound-bites (audio files), reflecting on the monthly foundation.

Beginning in 2023, COR LIFE sessions will be hosted during both the daytime and evening, so we may better serve the community at-large. Video and audio recordings will be posted for all classes.


MONTHLY: $130*

*Six-month commitment, auto-renews to monthly commitment


Teaching & Practice Calls

The monthly Teaching and Practice Calls are where the rubber meets the road – your LIFE. Offering insights from our decades of trial and error and collected wisdom, each month we’ll provide relevant teachings about one of the COR Foundations, and how to apply them to daily life. Contrary to popular belief, after the initial awakenings, “aha moments” and insights, we don’t automatically live in our Healthy Self.

To fully integrate these awakenings or insights, and to fully embody our Healthy Self in every aspect of our life takes ongoing dedication. Every sincere seeker encounters periods of discouragement, disconnection or doubt, as they inevitably miss “walking the line” and fall back into old unskillful habits.

On these calls, you will explore and share with someone how this applies to your own life. We will also take you through an experience of the monthly practice designed to integrate these new learnings in your life. You will be well equipped to meet your life’s challenges with kindness and fortitude, and to turn them into your allies on the path to freedom.

Group Coaching Calls

In Group Coaching each of you will share with one another what you are learning regarding the foundation of the month. Then any member of the group can bring whatever they need support with at that moment in time. It’s a place to get real time, practical, support from our facilitators with whatever challenge may be up for you as you bring the monthly teachings to your daily life. It’s a space to share, be witnessed, and be guided to bring healing and insight to a particular difficulty on the journey so you can create a new beginning in your life. You will leave the call having explored how you can apply what you just learned—either during your own or during another’s work- to your life.

Accountability and Structure

We all start with the best intentions, but then life and its endless obligations and distractions happen, and we fall off the wagon. That is why accountability and structure is so important. In COR LIFE you will have as much structure as you want or need and – if you so wish – an accountability buddy and a small group to hold your feet to the fire of transformation. You will be met both with truth and compassion when you fall off the wagon, and simply encouraged to get back on. 


Besides the support from the whole COR LIFE group you have the option to engage in a dedicated small group of up to 4 people to form an even deeper and more personal bond, and to put the teachings into practice. 


The ultimate touchstone of friendship is not improvement, neither of the self nor of the other; the ultimate touchstone is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another, to have walked with them and to have believed in them, and sometimes just to have accompanied them for however brief a span, on a journey impossible to accomplish alone.

– David Whyte

Your Guides: Britta & Lee

Britta and Lee are the co-founders of COR. Britta has been working internationally with people from all walks of life for over 35 years. She has a background in social work, family therapy, couple’s counseling, Family Constellation Work, Gestalt therapy, dance and movement, spiritual direction, emotional release, and life coaching. Britta is a certified teacher of the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) developed at Stanford University. Lee has facilitated personal growth work with both the Mankind Project (MKP) and COR for more than 20 years. He is a certified leader of Family Constellations and, like Britta, a teacher of Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training. Britta and Lee are happily married and the proud parents and step parents of two adult sons and grandparents to two grand-daughters.



This is a complement to all other COR workshops and trainings. It’s an ongoing and consistent program that is designed for COR alumni to put the COR teachings into every-day-life!

What are the pre-requisites to join?

You must have completed either COR Woman or Noble Man, a Men’s or Women’s Weekend Immersion, or Intimacy Intensive.

I want to join, can I check it out for one month?

No. COR LIFE is intended for dedicated folks who can foster connection, build community, and support one another in a consistent manner.


Yes, Britta and Lee will facilitate most of the monthly Teaching and Inner work calls where you can ask questions and be coached. They will also check in once a week on the COR LIFE platform on MightyNetwork, our community forum, to support you.

Are there any scholarships available?

No, we are sorry but there are no scholarships available. We have kept the price very low as to make this program widely accessible.

I’m not on facebook, and don’t actually like social media, can I still participate?

Yes! This program has its own COR LIFE community platform (MightyNetwork), which is a great forum to support you.


MONTHLY: $130*

*Six-month commitment, auto-renews to monthly commitment


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