From Our COR Satellites

Initiation Workshops

– Where It All Began – 

At COR, we believe in the complementary nature of masculinity and femininity. We believe in embracing the idea of being versus doing, allowing versus forcing, interconnection versus separateness. As such, COR was founded to help foster spaces to cultivate healthy, heart-centered relationships between men and women, which will cultivate greater understanding, greater unity, and more heart-centered action throughout the world.

Our initial work included one-of-a-kind experiential initiation workshops for men and women, where, through interconnectivity and supporting each other, they were helping heal each other. These workshops include COR Woman, Noble Man, Radiant Woman, Kings & Queens, among many others.

While COR has evolved, focusing on creating and supporting leaders, we are delighted to see some of these workshops continue to live on, in thanks to the efforts of our satellite communities. We invite you to explore their offerings below.