Important Information for Staffing the Upcoming COR Woman Workshop

Welcome to the logistics page for staffing your upcoming COR workshop!  This page includes all the information you will need to prepare for your time with us, including:

◇ Required Staffing Components & Agreements

◇ Travel Information

◇ What to Bring

◇ Logistics FAQs & Contact Information

Please take a few minutes to look over all the information, and bookmark this page for your reference.


If you have not yet done so, please complete the questionnaire now. It is REQUIRED.

If you do not complete your questionnaire at least four weeks before the workshop, you risk forfeiting your spot in the workshop to someone on the waiting list, and are subject to our cancellation policy.


Please note everyone, no matter what their current vaccine status, will be required to show proof of negative Covid-19 test.
Click on the below button to review our full COVID-19 Protocols.

Required to staff

◇ You must be present at all mandatory staff meetings and for the entire duration of staffing.

◇ Take some time to review our Staff Guidelines and make sure you understand and agree to what we are asking of you. If you have any questions you can ask them during our conference call, or email us at info@corcommunityfoundation.org. If you are not ready, willing or able to comply with what we are asking of you, please let us know by March 31, 2022.

Mandatory staff Meetings

These meetings are mandatory and an essential part of holding the space for the workshops participants. This is the first time where we all come together and create the depth and safety of the container for the participants. You will be informed about the overall flow of the weekend and your part in it, and all other logistics you will need. If you absolutely can not make the call, please email client care by the end of the day Friday (before the call) and you will receive a recording that must be listened to within 48 hours. Thank you.

The first meeting will be a group video call on Monday, April 18 from 6-7:30pm ET.

Zoom line: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84931887018?pwd=UGZRUVFEQ29tdXkvT09EOEhISXgrZz09

Or enter the following Meeting ID: 849 3188 7018 and Passcode: COR

The second meeting will be on-site on Thursday, April 28 at 11am ET.

Our completion meeting will also be on-site Sunday, May 2nd after breakdown, at approximately 3pm ET.


◇ Please be on time and plan to arrive prior to 11:00am ET to check in.

◇ You will need to provide your own lunch for Thursday, but dinner will be provided.

◇  You are welcome to arrive on site on Wednesday afternoon/evening, and many staff choose to do so in order to connect with other staff and get settled in. Please note that there is a $50 charge for one night’s stay, payable on site to Kashi.

◇   Please make your travel arrangements for Sunday to accommodate you leaving the site no earlier than 4pm.

◇ Please note travel time is 90 minutes back to Orlando International Airport.

◇ Kashi is located between Vero Beach and Palm Bay in Central Eastern Florida’s Treasure Coast. It is 5 miles east from Interstate 95.

Kashi Ashram
11155 Roseland Road
Sebastian, Florida, 32958
Phone: (800) 226-1008 x 0

◇ Please email our event manager your time of arrival:


and in case you get lost please call her:
Kristie Orth – (407) 619-1315 


◇ Loose comforting clothes, for 3.5 days

◇ Layers for warm/cool weather

◇ Yoga or workout clothes

◇ A shawl or light sweater

Warm socks or cozy house slippers

◇ Good walking shoes and slip-on sandals

◇ A bathing suit for swimming

◇ An umbrella and/or rain gear in case of weather

◇ A wrist watch

◇ A journal and a pen

◇ A large, covered water bottle

◇ A covered travel mug for tea service

◇ Sunscreen

◇ Any supplements, or special dietary items you may need

◇ Toiletry items, including body wash, shampoo, conditioner, make up, jewelry 

◇ An alarm clock

◇ A flashlight or headlamp with working batteries

 ◇ Please also bring a special outfit with you for Initiation Day. You can also bring any special jewelry or accents for this outfit. It’s good to note that you do want to be comfortable in this outfit–you’ll be sitting and moving around while wearing it.

Important notes

◇ Staffing starts at 11am ET on Thursday, April 28 and ends at 4pm ET on Sunday, May 1.  You must be present for the entirety of staffing.

◇ We strongly recommend that you take off work the Monday after the workshop to relax and integrate your experience.

◇ We request that you limit your cell phone use for the duration of the retreat, or even turn it off completely, to limit distractions and give you the maximum benefit of the experience. Please give loved ones our Event Manager’s phone number in case of an emergency:

Kristie Orth – (407) 619-1315


Many of the answers can be found on this page, but in case you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our Client Care Specialist with any questions or concerns:



What are the accommodations like at the workshop?

We handpick our venue sites for comfort, accessibility, and a concentration on the natural beauty around us. Each site is different. Most sites do offer separate rooms for staff, shared with several other staff, but in some cases staff is required to sleep on floor mats. We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure each staff is as comfortable and well-resourced as possible, asking for sleeping preferences before the workshop.  An on-site event manager is there to see to any concerns that come up.  If you have questions about your specific event, please contact our Client Care Specialist to ask for more details about the site and event you’re staffing at.

What IS the food like at the workshop?

The site has amazing on-site chefs who will provide three delicious meals a day, based on a vegetarian diet. If you think you might want to have extra protein, feel free to bring some of your own food with you to supplement. You will not be able to cook onsite, so please only bring food that is precooked or packaged. The food at Kashi is delicious, and most people find that it’s plenty for them, even if they are used to eating meat.  If you do choose to bring extra food, please do not bring a lot, and note that there is very little fridge space in the house you will be staying in.

can i do this workshop with a friend or relative?

Yes absolutely! Many people choose to staff the workshop of a close friend or family member, and it’s a very bonding experience. We encourage you to invite anyone who you are close to, and who might also benefit from the weekend.

You are welcome to join our affiliate program as well, which is free and easy to join.  You can receive a $100 referral fee for anyone who registers for COR Woman or Noble Man through our affiliate program.

What if i can’t get there in time, or have to leave early?

You cannot staff unless you can be present for the entirety of staffing. If a conflict comes up that would make it so that you cannot be present the entire time, please consult the cancellation policy, and contact our Client Care Specialist immediately.

What is the policy if i need to transfer or cancel?

Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information on this, and contact our Client Care Specialist if you need to discuss a transfer.